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Shapes (Year 7)


All these words relate to content from SGS4.1, in identifying and naming plane and solid shapes.

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1.One of a 2D shape's dimensions
3.A three-dimensional shape
5.The bottom of a pyramid
11.All the points on the edge are an equal distance from the centre
12.The shape you get by slicing a prism
14.Sorted and named
15.Has a circular cross-section
18.Has a base and an apex and all flat sides
20.The same all the way through
21.Has six identical flat sides
2.Length, width and height are all __________ of a shape
4.A pushed over prism or pyramid
7.The third dimension not in 2D shapes
8.If the base is a rectange, you have a ______ pyramid
9.If the base is a triangle, you have a ______ pyramid
10.One of a 2D shape's dimesions
13.All the points on the surface are an equal distance from the centre
14.Has a circular base and an apex
16.Has four equal sides all at right angles
17.Has a uniform cross section and all flat sides
19.The top of a pyramid

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