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Taylor Grinnen P.4

2 3           4  
  6             7
8 9              
      18 19              

2.The number of times a particular piece of data appears in a set
6.Numbers in a data set that are extreme values; calculate outliers in a data set by multiplying 1.5 times the IQR; subtract this product from Q1, to compute the boundary for lower outliers and add this value to Q3 to compute the boundary for upper outliers
8.The middle number when numbers are in ascending of descending order
11.The set of all first elements, of ordered pairs
12.The prices from the past that a car was worth
14.Often referred to as average; the sun of all the numbers in a data set divided by the number of elements in the data set
16.The devaluation of a car using historical data
19.Curved tire marks that indicate the vehicle was slipping sideways while at the same time continuing in a forward motion
21.A formula for the distance a car travels that is a function of the rate and time that it travels, or d=rt
22.At fault for damages caused
23.A set of numbers
24.The distance a car travels while braking to a complete stop
25.The most often occurring value in a data set, there can be more than one mode, or no modes at all.
1.Single numbers, such as the mean, median, and mode, designed to represent a "typical" value for the data
3.The time that the average, alert driver takes to switch from gas pedal to the brake pedal; usually from approximately 0.75 second to 1.5 seconds.
4.On a graph, where two lines o a piecewise function meet
5.A line segment that connects two points on a circle
7.When a value or measure of central tendency does not change easily or significantly due to an extreme value
9.Rather than the value decreasing by the same dollar amount each year, it decreases by the same % each year
10.The distance a car travels during a reaction or thinking time
13.Increase in value over time
15.Mathematics that deals with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of numerical facts of data
17.When the mean of a data set is not equal to the median
18.Responsible for damages caused
20.Decrease in value over time

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