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The Office

Neil Bochenek

All of the words/clues are from episodes of The Office

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5     6 7
8             9     10    
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  23                 24  
    27   28       29      

1.Dwight's karate level
4.national sport of Icelandic paper companies
8.Benjamin Franklin impersonator
9.Sold out at Sharper Image
13.annual Scranton business park free snack
14.George Foreman breakfast
16.frozen cat
17.office olympics medals
21.nemesis of Recyclops
23.very nutritious, but they smell like death
25.Karen's favorite chips
26.office awards
27.Packman's plate
29.purse saleswoman
2.Dunder Mifflin Scranton building lessor: ___ Properties
3.can you make that straighter?
5.key to happiness, according to Michael
6.big red trash compactor?
7.Dwight's $25 chair
10.Meredith's allergy
11.Michael's safe word
12.golden ticket winner
15.online div. of Dunder Mifflin
18.injured Dwight's middle name
19.suffered by Uncle Al
20.conflict resolution goal
22.Serenity by Jan product
24.Dunder Mifflin secretary
28.Phyllis' auction item

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