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2.(2 words) The time it takes for the blood drug concentration to fall by 50%
6.(3 words) ADE is the abbreviation for this
9.(2 words) The desired effect of a drug
10.Interactions between a drug and its molecular target (What the drug does to the body).
11.A severe immune reaction triggered by a drug, symptoms include SOB and tachycardia
12.Ability of a specific microorganism to resist the effects of a specific antibiotic
13.The proportion of the administered dose that reaches the systemic circulation as intact drug.
14.( 2 words) The process by which most drugs moves into the blood stream down a concentration gradient
17.Results from serum drug concentration above the therapeutic level
21.The study of what the body does to a drug through the processes of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion.
25.A drug that binds to the receptor and block access to the endogenous ligand, thus diminishing or blocking normal response
27.This coating on oral medications prevents dissoltion in the stomach, cannot be cut or crushed
28.An immune response triggered by a drug
29.________ soluble drugs are readily absorbed
30.f. Solid particles suspended in water; must be shaken well before administration
1.The main site of excretion
3.(3 words) This is the main reason that doses of oral drugs are higher than IV or IM doses
4.When a certain drug is not able to be given in certain circumstances eg. In pregnancy
5.Whenever a medication is taken a reaction occurs, if a second medication is taken, the response to the first medication may be altered, this is called a drug _____________
7.The irreversible loss of a drug from the body the processes of metabolism and excretion
8.The irreversible loss of chemically unchanged drug from the body, for example, in the urine, bile, expired air or faeces
15.The process of reversible transfer of a drug between one location and another (one of which is usually blood) in the body
16.(2 words) A drug effect that is not necessarily the primary purpose for giving the drug, may be desirable or undesirable
18.The name of the act the guides all medications - Drugs, ___________ and Controlled Substances Act 1981
19.Concurrent use of multiple medications
20.The process of chemical modification of a drug
21.The study of ways in which various drug formulations influence the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a drug.
22.A drug that binds to, and activates the receptor, producing the same response as the endogenous ligand
23.The property of a drug acting on a narrow range of receptors
24.Any method of administration that avoids the GI tract - includes IV, IM, SC
26.The main site of metabolism and elimination

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