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Blow your top volcano puzzle

joseph newbold

a puzzle all about volcanoes

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4.a vent in the surface of the earth where magma erupts
5.a crack or fracture in the earth's surface
7.the region around the Pacific Ocean of mountain builiding volcanoes
10.jets of boiling water forced high into the air by undeground volcanic heat
12.magma which has reached the surface through a volcanic eruption
14.circular depression formed by collapse of a volcanic vent
15.a volcano which is presently inactive but which may erupt again
1.the zone of the earth below the crust and above the core
2.when hot rocks and lava burst from a volcano
3.Roman god of fire and the forge after whom volcanoes are named
4.the opening at the earth's surface where volcanic materials escape
6.a volcano that is erupting within historical time
8.fine particles of rock
9.an outpouring of lava onto the land surface from a vent
11.the process by which volcanic materials are ejcted into the atmosphere
13.molten rock beneath the surface of the earth

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