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Terms Regarding First Nations Identity

Mr. McLean

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1.Something or someone which lives or occurs naturally in a region.
4.This term originated with Columbus.
5._____ C-31 allowed First Nations people to regain recognition as "status Indians".
7.First Nations people with "status" are registered with the ________ government.
9.Land in Canada set aside for use by First Nations people.
13.Term that came into common usage in the 1970's. (2 Words)
15.Term used in the U.S. that combines "American" and "Indian".
2.First Nations people without official status.
3.Governments designed, established and administered by Aboriginal peoples.
6.A person who comes from a First Nation that signed a treaty with the government.
8.Land in the U.S. set aside for use by First Nations people.
10.Means "born in or belonging to a country".
11.A First Nations person who belongs to a band is _________ as such with the federal government.
12.Descended from European fur trappers who marrtied aboriginal women.
14.They live in Northern Canada. Their name means "people".

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