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Hill Billies

1 2 3 4
  5                 6 7          
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        22           23  
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        28       29            
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    34                       35          
38       39   40   41          
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44                 45
    47   48           49  
    51                 52          
    54 55  
56         57          

5.Hill Billy Mouthwash
7.What Pulls the Model T and Trailer
8.A place of origin for many Hill Billy Families
10.What farmers used before tractors
13.Flatt and Scruggs Band
16.What the Model T Pulls
17.Kept for eggs and meat
18.This catalog was very popular.
21.Ernie Ford hailed from here
22.Type of Dog most common with Hillbillies
25.What comes out of a Still
29.Root of much Hill Billy Music
30.They live in the sty.
31.Hill Billy Musical Instrument
34.What Many Mountain folk did without for years.
35.A southern Hill Billy Set of Mountains
37.Used for Tea
38.What Moonshine goes in!
40.What is last on the trailer
42.Used to heat and cook.
44.Product of West Virginia
46.Source of Water
48.Necessities on Overalls
50.A type of fence used in pastures.
51.Prime ingredient for Stew
52.Usually found in back pocket
53.Usually found in back pocket
56.Made from Hominy
57.A typically white colored small carnavore
1.Referred to as a "bar"
2.Extreme Southern part of Applachian Chain
3.Hillbilly Musical Instrument
4.Shrine Temple in New Bern
6.Musical instrument made from a washtub, broom handle and string.
8.Evening Meal
9.Famous Hill Billy Racing Horse
11.Generally found on the porch.
12.Home for many
14.Type of pottery
15.Noon Meal
19.A Long Hillbilly Mountain Chain
20.Long River and Valley in Virginia
23.My Old ________ Home.
24.Where water flows
26.Favorite Hill Billy Soda
27.Optional Clothing for most of the year
28.What pulls the trailer
29.What goes into a still.
32.He is top dog in the hen house.
33.Hillbilly Musical Instrument
36.winter underwear
39.the device that gound the grain.
40.Hillbilly Tuxedo
41.Smoke it, chew it or snuff it.
43.Won the Medal of Honor
45.These were kept to make down pillows.
47.Main industry of West Virginia
49.Used to cover the roof
54.A place that converted grains into usable products
55.Maker of the Model T

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