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History of Sports

Jack Lane

1 2 3
    4   5
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  26                   27  
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    33     34           35 36            
  37     38              

6.Arguably the best undrafted player ever, went from supermarket to Super Bowl
7.Tom Brady's boyhood idol and the team winning the Big Sky
11.Legendary Bengals QB that works for ESPN
13.The name of both Detroit and Auburn
15.Bobby Cox managed the MLB team, host of the 1996 Olympics
16.Funny that this pro golfer never hits in this bad place
17.Coach of the only undefeated NFL team
18.A old school previously good at basketball; "Runnin' Rebels" (abr.)
21.Holds the longest hitting streak in baseball
22.NFL players Priest and Santonio
26.The new record setting tight end
28.The NBA's best ever player, also the NBA's leading point scorer
29.The NFL's previous passing leader in yards
30.The name of the conference Bucknell often wins, and also is a name for a true American
31.This team has the longest consecutive streak of making the NCAA Tourney and has recruited the overall #1 football player
33.Holds record for most rushing yards in a season
36.The NCAA team that Gatorade was invented for
37.Brad Pitt starred in a movie about this team's GM, Billy Beane
39.He made the game-winning shot to beat Kentucky in the Elite Eight of 1992
40.This conference consists of the NCAA basketball powers, but not football, and includes Boston College (abr.)
41.A high school team that rode momentum to the championship; a great sports movie
1.Inventor of the "Tuck Rule"
2.Winner of the 1962 World Series and ECU's name
3.An underrated quarterback for the Browns, one of the best ever
4.Only man to beat Nick Saban 3 times or more
5.Legendary running back for the Bears; "Sweetness"
7.A now household quarterback name, with QBs that play(ed) for the Colts, Giants, and Saints
8.The winner of the 1986 Super Bowl and last year NBA MVP
9.Transfered from minor league baseball to Oklahoma St.
10.Legendary Celtic that went to Indiana St.
12.NBA player from 1984 to 2002, played for Houston and Toronto, most career blocks in the NBA
14.A fantastic receiver who caught passes from Terry Bradshaw
19.The MLB team with the second most World Series and a name for a team in the Big East
20.The only man to win 2 Heisman Awards
23.Creighton created a shirt saying, "t3ach m3 how to dougie" in honor of his name and number
24.The current loser of the Big East, also the capital of Rhode Island
25.The team that has won the Westy Copast Conference 14 years in a row
27.The team with the NFL's leading rusher, also a great car
30.A name of an NHL team and part of the URL I used to make this puzzle
32.Went to high school with Trey Burke, but Burke departed from Columbus where this man is now
34.The letter that sums up Duke basketball
35.Star point guard for Michigan (Zach) and Kaeding's backup (Nick)
38.2nd pick of the 1999 draft, biggest bust in NFL history

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