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Mike Krzyzewski

Julie Waddell

Duke University's Men's Head Basketball Coach

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    47             48     49    
    52                       53          

6.One finger of Coach K's coaching fist
9.Coach K never lets this characteristic get in the way of a player's strength
10.Krzyzewski won this at the 2008 USA Olympics
12.Sport Coach K coaches
13.Coach K went to school here
14.This is key in building a successful team
18.National Collegiate Athletic Association
19.Coach K assisted Bob Knight at this University
20.Coach K stresses to his new members that they are not joining a basketball team, but this
21.The level of this increases as the level of trust increases on a team
22.Coach K compares his team to this body part
24.This begins with a collection of individuals
26.Mike Krzyzewski's ethnicity
29.Coach K's win over this team put him ahead of Coach Bob Knight for career victories
30.These come with their own style of play, way of thinking, and history and view of the game
31.He was the co-author of the book, Leading With the Heart: Coach K’s Successful Strategies for Basketball, Business, and Life
33.When coaching, it is important to use this type of noun right away
34.City where Krzyzewski was born
35.Coach K emphasizes this characteristic at practice
37.Duke University's mascot
39.Leaders have to search for this on a team
40.State where Coach K coaches
44.One finger of Coach K's coaching fist
45.Wooden coached at this school
46.Mike Krzyzewski is better known as this nickname
47.Coach K teaches this to his players
50.Coach K says peopl set rules to keep from making these
51.The 1992 Olympic team is often referred to as this
52.She is the only coach in Division I basketball to have more wins than Coach K
53.Mike Krzyzewski's middle name
54.On a team, if one person does this all will do this
55.Coach K focuses on this aspect of life more than basketball
56.A better team should have a higher standard of this
57.Coach K says too many of these get in the way of leadership
1.One finger of Coach K's coaching fist
2.To overcome the fear of failure, one must have this
3.The only other coach besides Krzyzewski to make it to 5 consecutive Final Four games
4.Mike Krzyzweski had this rank in the service
5.Coach K led the team USA to this World Championship
7.This is not about a recipe, it's about taking the neccesary time to build this team for this purpose
8.Coach K looks for kids with this when he is recruiting
11.Coach K and his wife are vocal against this and drunk driving
14.She is married to Mike Krzyzewski
15.Coach K served in this branch of the United States Military
16.Coach K teaches this to his players as well as basketball
17.One finger of Coach K's coaching fist
23.Coached Mike Krzyzewski in college at the Unites States Military Academy at West Point
25.This person is said to be Coach K's hero
27.These must instil respect for authority by being direct, by communicatin regularly, and by being honest
28.This is an essential part of communication with every team Coach K coaches
31.Coach K coached this NBA all-star at the 1992 Olympics
32.One finger of Coach K's coaching fist
35.The number of athletes under Coach K who have failed to graduate on time
36.Number of National Championships Coach K has won
38.Coach K's most valuable quality
41.This quality is ongoing, adjustable, flexible, and dynamic
42.Coach K's Blue Devils were defeated by this team in the 1994 NCAA Championship
43.City where Coach K currently lives
48.Coach K never does this to his team
49.Stronger personalities do this to a team

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