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Purna Banerjee

1     2   3     4                    
    5 6              
    8                 9
10               11 12  
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25                                 26    

1.This describes substances that are able to completely mix with each other.
4.A compound that is only composed of hydrgen and carbon.
6.Force per unit area.
7.He has his own constant.
8.This formula shows the smallest whole number ratio of the elements in a compound.
10.Having a low ratio of solute to solution.
13.The mass of an element in a compound expressed as a percentage. (2 Words)
17.A row in the periodic table.
18.A chemical process during which heat is released.
23.ℓ is the _________ quantum number.
25.The ability of an atom to attract electrons.
27.A solid solution of two or more metals.
28.A solid formed during a chemical reaction that cannot be dissolved.
29.This type of metal can form ions with more than one charge.
2.It's atomic mass is 52.
3.This type of particle is negatively charged and emitted from the nucleus of some radioisotopes.
4.H3PO2. (2 Words)
5.-1/2. The electron is spinning in this direction.
9.Particles of carbon formed during incomplete combustion.
11.The curved surface of a solution in a lab container.
12.This type of solution contains water.
14.A reactant consumed during a chemical reaction, restricting the amount of the product. (2 Words)
15.The ratio of the quantitiy of solute to the quantity of solvent or the quantity of solution.
16.The unit you get when dividing the number of individual particels in a substance by his constant.
19.The cycle of this element demonstrates the Law of Conservation of Matter.
20.Th ereal amount of product that is recoverned after an experiment. (2 Words)
21.A filtered solution.
22.Atoms with the same number of protons, but different number of neutrons.
24.A column in the periodic table.
26.A compound with a specific number of water molecules bound to each formula unit.

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