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1.blind prophet who warned Creon of the dire consequences of his actions
7.Ismene could be described as a _____________ character because not much is revealed about her character, and what is revealed about her is one personality trait
10.theatre was more than entertainment for Greek audiences; it was also a part of their ____________
12.the rule of drama that declared all of the action of the play should occur in one location is known as the unity of _____________
13.the rule of drama that declared all of the action of the play should occur within 24 hours is known as the unity of ________________
15.Creon's pride is his _________ ______________ and leads to his destruction - he fits this definition because he is a person of high rank who uses his power to violate a divine law
16.essay in which the rules for drama were presented
19.brother of Antigone who died fighting for the state
20.individuals in literary works; in dramas, these individuals perform the play
21.open aired stone structures in which Greeks performed their plays; some of these famous structures have survived the test of time and still exist!
22.playwright who penned the Oedipus trilogy and the play studied by this class
23.wife of Creon
26.Greek dramatist who added a second actor to his dramas in the early 5th century BC
32.father of Antigone and her siblings
34.Antigone could be described as a ___________ character because she does not display a change of heart throughout the play
36.the word most often used to refer to people who play characters in plays (as well as in films and on television)
37.the leader of the Greek chorus
38.Sophocles is the Greek dramatist who changed Greek drama even further by first adding a ________ actor to the stage, then by quickly adding even more characters to his dramas
39.rule that states action of play would follow one plot line was unity of ______________
40.this play was categorized a Greek __________________ because of the downfall suffered by a main character that in turn has serious consequences on the other main characters of the play
2.a part of the script of a play that actors do not say aloud but rather use to tell them where to move, what props to use, how to deliver their lines, etc.; this part of the script is usually set apart from actors' lines by parentheses
3.a character who provides a stron contrast to another character, usually the main character, is called a ___________
4.group of people not allowed to act on the Greek stage
5.group of people allowed to perform on Greek stages
6.Creon is the _______________ in this play because he opposes the central character of this play
8.named after one of the famous Greek playwrights, actors today are still also known as ___________
9.introduced the use of a single actor apart from the Greek chorus in 534 BC
11.created rules for drama that were followed for nearly 2000 years
12.brother of Antigone who died fighting against the state
14.the rule of drama that declared the plot of a play should be simple and follow one story line, with no subplots, so as not to distract from the main story line is known as the unity of _______________
17.the leader of the Greek chorus
18.sister of Antigone
24.theatre began as a chorus that danced and sang hymns to _______________, the Greek god of wine, in 6th century BC festivals
25.a story written to be performed by actors in front of an audience
26.protagonist who bravely bured her brother even though the King had declared anyone who did this would be executed
27.the rules for drama were referred to as the _____________ unities
28.used by Greek playwrights to provide the narration their dramas
29.worn by Greek actors on stage
30.the point in this play where Creon learns that his son and wife are both dead as a direct result of his own hubris would be called the _______________ of the play (the point of greatest emotional intensity)
31.son of Creon, fiance of Antigone
33.Creon becomes an example of a ___________ character because he does have a change of heart near the end of the play
35.Ismene could be described as a _______________ character because the story not only revelas that she loves her uncle the king and wishes to obey his law, and the she fears death, it also reveals that after thought she is able to change her mind and stand up for what she believes is the right thing to do, even though it will cost her her life

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