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Digital Literacy

Austin, Andrea

Digital Literacy crossword.

1                       2            
5                             6

1.Programs on the computer that help accomplish work. (2 Words)
4.A keyboard is an example of this. (2 Words)
5.These are used to connect peripheral devices to the motherboard. (3 Words)
8.There are many types of this device, they are used to read text graphics.
9.Examples of this are hard drive, zip drive, floppy disk, USB.
2.This is needed in order for the computer to function, and performs many management functions. (3 Words)
3.The_______ is the brain of the computer.
6.There are two types of this and it tells the computer what to do.
7.The short-term memory of the computer.
8.this is output that is lost when the computer is shut off. (2 Words)

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