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Music History (Form C)

Sharon L Gilbreath

1 2
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  20                     21          
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      30               31  
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41             42       43            

3.Haydn was known as the "__________________" of the Symphony
4.A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.
6.The French word for study
8.Describe one characteristic that describe Haydn's personality.
9.Schubert's Eight Symphony is also known as this.
12.This takes a form and repeats it.
13.This composer relaxed by writing music and solving math problems..
14.Of, relating to , or typical of the middle class.
17.Mozart gave this person music to sell.
20.someone who gives money to a composer so he can play music or pays a composer to write music for them.
21.The dance form that carried over from the Baroque period.
24.Franz Schubert was born here.
27.A score containing only one melody.
29.Was one of 12 children and was born into a poor family.
30.Secular songs that were sung in the courtly language (not Latin) and were accompanied by instruments.
32.Schubert, along with Beethoven, is considered to be this between the Classical and Romantic Period.
36.A historic period characterized by ornamental art, architecture, and music.
37.another note that is played at the same time as the main note, the melody, usually pleasing to the ear.
39.Gatherings that Schubert's friends would have where there were dancing, poetry reading and Franz improvising on the piano.
40.Schubert was remembered as "The ___________of Music".
41.Beethoven's father was addicted to this.
42.Mozart was this age when he died.
45.Musically, this era dropped the ornamentation of the Baroque era and presented melodies in a cleaner fashion.
46.Beethoven was totally deaf at this age.
1.These people supported Schubert financially.
2.This would describe Beethoven's personality.
5.Choir leader
7.Beethoven began to loose his hearing at this age.
10.Haydn was one of the last musicians to work in this type of household.
11.European keybord instrument which generates sound by plucking a string rather that striking one.
15.Ludwig van Beethoven was born here.
16.Composer born in Austria in 1732.
18.This musical form is made up of several movements.
19.This is the modern day version of the original pianoforte.
22.Mozart was born here.
23.One with extraordinary talent or ability.
25.A musical form that contains three sections.
26.Schubert's father taught him to play this instrument.
28.Composing came easily to Joseph Haydn.
31.German for "songs".
32.Schubert was most in awe of this composer.
33.Singers who performed that words of troubadours in the courts. Also known as minstrels or jongleurs.
34.Upper-class or wealthy people
35.A shourt oratorio, written t fit within a church service.
38.Mozart could hear music only _____and memorize it.
43.During the classical Period one of the changes was the common people, not just the nobility began to attend public concerts.
44.Beethoven's "Ode to _______" is one of his famous pieces.

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