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Operations Orientation

Josy Sola-Torres

Puzzle of General park information

1 2 3 4 5
      6               7     8
10                               11    
    14 15        
    18   19         20  
  22                         23    
    24       25
    26   27            
29       30              

6.Name of the park you will be working
10.Every morning you must stop and show respect when the N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ _ plays.
11.This is how Cedar Fair Entertainment Company can be found in the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
13.This cornestones reminds us to be nice to our co-workers as well as to our guests.
15.Ann goes to A _ _ _ and hires employees. (It’s a Continent)
16.He is the Director of the Operations Division
17.Best place to visit to cool off.
19.Be careful with this ride, because is a real __________________.
22.Ann goes to C _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ and hires employees. (It’s a Continent)
27.The P _ _ _ _ _ _ characters can be seen often in Planet Snoopy.
28.Guests may stop at this location if they don't feel very well.
29.The Cedar Fair Entertainment Company Chief Executive Officer
30.This is the oldest pool in the park.
31.Manager of the CLEAN Team and Rides
32.She is the Admissions Manager
1.Biggest event at the park. We work on this all year round.
2.The Dorney Park & WWK General Manager
3.Location where Uniforms can be picked up!
4.Ann goes to S _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ and hires employees. (It’s a Continent)
5.This cornerstones should always be in the back of your mind to remind you to always do the right thing.
7.Abbreviate: Automated Teller Machine.
8.Assistant Director of Operations
9.Tallest ride in the park
12.Guests may stop at this location if they are in need of assistance
14.The Entertainment Services Area Manager will keep those Peanuts characters in check!
18.$5 Admission with purchase of General Admission
20.Can you Abbreviate: Employee Recreational Center
21.This cornerstone is essential to the daily Operation of the park. We want you to return home Safe.
23.Your appearance falls into this cornerstone.
24.This year Guest Service Initiative
25.Abbreviate: Good Time Theater
26.This person manages Wildwater Kingdom

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