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David Cronenberg

Kasey Thompson

  2     3       4
7               8            
9   10                
11                 12
13         14               15      
16           17       18      
  19   20    

2.Honors_____ Student
7.Graduated from the University of ______
8.Film with a distribution in 40 countries
10.Also known as "The King of _______Horror"
11.An instrument David can play
13.Number of Children
14.A History of______ (2005)
15.Middle name
16.Known as "The Baron of ______"
17.Mother's Occupation
20.(1986) starring Jeff Goldblum
21.Known for graphic gore and ______
1.Inspiring film, "____ Kept Us Warm" by David Sector
3.Example of his "Crime Families" films, _______ Promises (2007)
4.George A. _______ named a character after him
5.Director with a strong sense of person style in their films
6.Helped influence the Canada_____ to make a Film grant
8.Movie of the famous head explosion
9.First feature film in 1969
12.Father's Occupation
14.Actor nominated for an Oscar in Eastern Promise (2007) _____Mortenson
18.Born in....
19.Childhood interest

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