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#102.02 Operations at Clandestine Drug Labs

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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2.The immediate ___ zone shall be secured and barricaded at a distance of at least the size of the property involved or not less than 100 feet in all directions from the site
5.The incident scene shall be considered a _____ scene and the Police Department shall assume command of the incident
7.The incident _____ shall be completely secured from all directions by fire and police personnel as specified in Section E 1 and E 2 of this guide
9._____ to the incident scene shall be excluded unless authorized by the Police Officer in Charge and the fire operations commander
10.No _____ about the incident scene, including but not limited to address, type of incident, injuries, extent of damage, owner, fire cause or any other information shall be released to the press without authorization of the Fire Chief and the Police Department
12.Constant _____ and air monitoring inside and outside the structure, vehicle or other location shall take place during the investigation process
14.When a clandestine drug lab is found within a structure, vehicle or other location, fire operations shall be modified to insure the _____ of all personnel at the scene.
1.All ____ District activities shall be authorized through the police incident commander but shall be within the authority of the Fire District to override during fire suppression, rescue and decontamination operations
3.All _____, equipment, clothing and other items used during the incident scene shall be properly decontaminated or disposed of
4.Personnel shall be responsible for having the necessary personal protective clothing and equipment in place prior to scene ____
5.All emergency services personnel that may have been _____ by patient care, smoke exposure, physical contact or other means shall be immediately notified and decontamination procedures of all equipment, clothing and personnel shall be initiated
6.All _____ removed from the structure, vehicle or other location shall be considered extremely hazardous waste and be protected as such
8.When _____ of a clandestine drug lab has been found, great care shall be taken in the overhaul and removal of burned items
11.The _____ Department shall be responsible for notification of all accessory law enforcement agencies required to process the incident scene
13.On the discovery of materials, glassware, chemicals or other materials consistent with the operation of a clandestine drug lab, all Fire District personnel including investigators on the incident scene shall immediately withdraw from the location, being aware of possible booby _____

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