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#102.03 Pipeline Emergencies

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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2._____ waterways and storm water culverts, retention ponds
3.Identify and call emergency number from a pipeline _____
6.There are currently ___ transmission pipelines crossing through the Fort Osage Fire Protection District, one in District-3 and one in District-1
7.______ ignition sources
8.The U.S. Department of Transportation defines a pipeline as any system through which a hazardous liquid or gas moves in ____
9._____ up wind/ or secondly at a cross wind attitude
11._____ pipelines transport crude oil and natural gas from wellheads and production facilities where the product is distilled and processed
13.Unless it is necessary to save _____, flammable gas fires should not be extinguished on pipelines unless the fuel source has been isolated and the pipeline operator advices suppression can begin safely
14._____ pipelines move refined product from refineries to marketing and distribution terminals typically using large diameter high pressure lines
15.Do not ____ over man hole cover plates
16.Without entering the hazard area, the danger area should be isolated and _____
1._____ systems for liquid and gas products vary. Most liquid products are stored and transported by tanker trucks, while gas such as natural gas, butane, propane, are moved from a local storage facility to residential and industrial customers through low pressure distribution pipelines
4._____ of affected areas due to gaseous plumes or runoff
5.____ entry to the area of the reported leak
10.All _____ shall deploy with protective clothing and SCBA
12._____ position should be at a minimum of 80 feet from the leak

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