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The Flow of Fresh Water: Chapter 2

The Mad Scientist

Key vocabulary & concepts.

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1.acid/base balance of water [pH 7 is neutral - 6.5 to 8.5 healthy]
7.rain, snow, sleet, & hail that falls from clouds
9.another word for watershed (2 Words)
12.can cause high nitrate levels
15.a slower moving, meandering river fed by many tributaries (2 Words)
16.naturally occurring compounds (high levels are bad - lowers DO)
19.where all water ends up sooner or later
21.human made hole deeper that the water table
22.where waste material is cleaned from water (3 Words)
23.I can point to who or what is polluting (specific site: factory, dump, farm, etc) (3 Words)
25.areas in which water travels downward into an aquifer (2 Words)
27.a spring that flows from an aquifer (crack in cap raok0 (2 Words)
28.watersheds are separated from each other by higher ground [mountains, etc]
30.hold less DO (2 Words)
31.narrow, fast moving & deep cutting channels (2 Words)
36.formed on the surface when a cave roof collapses
37.underground water located between upper & lower zone of saturation (2 Words)
38.or DO - amount of oxygen in water (2 Words)
39.material captured & transported by a stream or river's energy [muddy water] (2 Words)
40.body of porous rock that stores underground water
41.continuous movement of water from ocean to atmosphere & back again (2 Words)
43.where rivers overflow their banks
44.large, heavier material transported by a stream or river [rocks & pebbles] (2 Words)
1.downward movement of water into the ground
2.the path of a stream or river
3.good place in a river to look for gold (2 Words)
4.water vapor cools & changes into water droplets. [energy loss]
5.formed by underground erosion
6.fan-shaped depositin at mouth of a river (water)
8.a layer of rock that water cannot penetrate (bottom of an aquifer) (2 Words)
10.fan-shaped deposits made on land (2 Words)
11.less energy = less erosion + many bends in the channel (2 Words)
13.material carried in solution form [minerals, salt, etc] (2 Words)
14.pollution that comes from many sources (yards, road system, etc) (4 Words)
17.soil & sediment are transported from one location to another
18.the ability of rock or sediment to let water pass through
20.organisims that can indicate the health of a water body (plants & animals) (2 Words)
24.a stream that flows into a largers body of water [lakes, rivers, & streams]
25.precipitation that flows over land into rivers & streams
26.top level of an aquifer (2 Words)
29.earth's surface liquid water changes into water vapor [energy gain]
32.suspended particles in water [high turbidity = less light penetration]
33.holds more DO (2 Words)
34.process in which material is laid down or dropped
35.% of open spaces (pores) in a given rock or sediment
37.area of land that is drained into a water system

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