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Additional Chemistry - Topic 5

Mr R Anderson

A crossword to help with revision of Edexcel 360 Additional Chemistry Topic 5 - Synthesis.

1         2       3 4
  5 6            
  8   9      
  15   16          
  17         18                    

1.Sustainable fuel created from vegetable oil.
6.Extremely long molecule made up of thousands of repeating units.
7.Two or more elements bonded together.
10.The process of removing double bonds, for example in the production of margarine.
11.Type of bonding between two non-metal elements. Electrons are shared.
12.Pb is the chemical symbol for which element?
13.A compound containing no double bonds.
14.Type of polymer that softness on heating .
16.Catalyst used in the industrial production of margarine.
17.The simplest ratio formula of a compound. (2 Words)
19.Cracking is an example of which type of reaction? (2 Words)
2.A reaction that gives off energy; for example combustion of fuels.
3.An unsaturated hydrocarbon.
4.Separation of a mixture by boiling points. (2 Words)
5.Common name for a polymer with non-stick properties. Properly named poly(tetrafluoroethene) or PTFE.
7.Mixture of hydrocarbons formed from the remains of tiny sea creatures that died millions of years ago. (2 Words)
8.A compound containing more than one double bond.
9.The percentage of mass from the reactants that ends up in the desired product. (2 Words)
10.A compound that contains carbon and hydrogen only.
15.Natural gas. A hydrocarbon containing just one carbon atom.
18.Type of bonding between a metal and a non-metal. Electrons are transferred.

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