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Physical Features Of The Earth

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1.the vast area of salt water covering about 70 percent of the earth's surface
2.a large area of flat land with few trees
4.one of the earth's large lamdmasses
5.a large natural elevation of the earth's surface rising abuptly from the surrounding level
11.a cascade of falling water, where there is a vertical or almost vertical stepping to a river
12.a coral island (or islands) that encirlces a lagoon partially or completely
13.a large underground chamber, typically of natural origin
15.the flat area at the mouth of some rivers, where the main stream split up into several branches
17.an area of fairly level high ground
18.a mound or ridge of sand or other loose sediment formed by the wind
20.a deep narrow steep-sided valley
21.A still body of water smaller than a lake
22.an area of sand or pebbles, sloping down to the sea or lake
25.a steep rock face, especially along the seashore
28.a spring that discharges hot water and steam
29.a long narrow strip of long jutting out into the cliff
30.a region that has of little or no vegetation
31.a stretch of shore line curved inwards
2.a narrow stretch of land projecting out into a sea or lake
3.a narrow valley between hills or mountains
6.a piece of land completely surrounded by water
7.a landform that is below 500 metres
8.a slowly moving mass of ice formed by an accumilation of snow
9.the mass of salt water that covers three-quarters of the earth's surface
10.a body of water cut off from the open sea by coral reefs or sand bars
14.a vent in the earth's crust through which lava, steam, ashes, are expelled
16.a large body of water surrounded by water
19.a long stretch of land between two hills
23.a deep inlet of the sea almost surrounded by land, with a narrow mouth
24.an area permanently water logged by land
26.a large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowth
27.a large natural stream of fresh water, running from a source through it's mouth

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