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Chapter 6

Rhonda Hadnot

Chapter 6 Key Words

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    4   5
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9                                       10

9.Appearance limited to the issue of jurisdiction which does not confer personal jurisdiction
11.Due process requirement for nexus, or connection, between the state and a nonresident defendant
12.Motion to render the summons ineffective
13.Document served with the complaint requiring an appearance or default
14.State where the defendant is located
15.Consent, as in consenting to jurisdiction otherwise improper
1.State statute authorizing jurisdiction over nonresident defendants
2.Order to take possession of property
3.Courts within the state having jurisdiction
4.Adverse judgment without appearance by defendant
5.Grounds for transferring an action for convenience to parties and witnesses
6.Court where jurisdiction is found but that is less convenient for the parties than another forum with jurisdiction
7.Delay or suspend
8.In determining venue actions that could have been brought anywhere
10.State where action is brought

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