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Death on the Nile Review

Mrs. Cline

This is a review of the characters and settings in the novel.

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2.Loses her fiance to her best friend
4.She tries to hide her mother's secret weakness
8.The small steamer that takes the characters down the Nile River
11.She writes novels about romance
12.Tim's cousin and partner in crime
13.a Belgian detective
14.Young, beautiful, & rich heiress with pearls
16.He claims to be an Italian archaeologist
17.Joanna's cousin and a jewel thief
18.A lawyer who is sent to Egypt to protect Linnet's estate
20.Place where a boulder almost hits Linnet
23.A clumsy girl who accompanies her cousin Marie
24.Linnet's new estate she bought from Sir George Wode
25.Linnet's Italian maid
26.An opinionated and unfriendly man who proposes to Cornelia
1.Miss Van Schuyler's hospital nurse
3.An English gentleman who expected Linnet to marry him
5.A German doctor who falls for Cornelia
6.Where the characters stay before going on the Nile cruise
7.Where Jackie gets drunk and shoots Simon
9.Marries Linnet and conspires with Jackie
10.Linnet's American trustee
11.A friendly woman who is devoted to her son
15.Cornelia waits on her and she is a kleptomaniac
19.Linnet's former maid loved him but he had a wife and kids
21.Old friend of Poirot who is looking for a criminal
22.Where the boat lands in Egypt at the end of the Nile excursion

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