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Stability Ball

Mrs. Gosling

1 2
4   5            
    6               7
8 9                    

3.Shoulders are down and in a stable position.
5.If you ever feel pain during exercise try reassessing your _____________.
6.When sitting on the ball thighs should be ______________ to the floor.
9.Shoulder blades are pinched together - optimal position.
11.When the shoulders are in a natural and relaxed state.
12.When on the ball, remember to tuck your _______ _______into your spine.
13.Proper alignment of the body between the postural extremes.
14.Able to move in four ways.
1.Deepest of the abdominal muscles, major stabilizer of the lower back.
2.Shoulders are rounded forward and neck juts forward, bottom sags.
4.Keep the ____________ in line.
7.Shoulders are up around your ears.
8.Tight hip flexors pulls hips forward, lower back curved inward.
10.Shoulder blades spread apart like hugging a tree.

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