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Weathering, Soil, & Mass Movements

Samantha Zupan

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1.the downslope movement of rock, regolith, and soil under the direct influence of gravity.
6.soil associated with drier regions and characterized by an accumulation of calcium carbonate in the upper horizions
7.the slow downhill movement of soil and regolith
9.the downward slipping of a mass of rock or unconsolidated material moving as a unit along a curved surface
13.a red, highly leached soil found in the tropics that is rich in oxides of iron and aluminum
14.type of weathering caused by reducing pressure on a rock surface, allowing slabs of outer rock to break off in layers
15.slow-moving downslope movement of water-saturated, clay-rich sediment, most characteristic of humid regions
16.a combination of mineral and organic matter, water, and air
18.the processes by which the internal structure of mineral is altered by the removal and/or addition of elements
19.a layer of soil that has identifiable characteristics produced by chemical weathering and other soil-forming processes
2.the physical disintegration of rock, resulting in smaller fragments
3.an accumulation of rock debris at the base of a cliff
4.the layer of rock and mineral fragments that nearly everywhere covers Earth's surface
5.occurs when a mass of rock slides rapidly downslope along planes of weakness
8.a vertical section through a soil showing its succession of horizons and the underlying parent material
10.soil of humid regions characterized by the accumulation of iron oxides and aluminun-rich clays in the B horizon
11.quickly moving downhill flow of soil and rock fragments containing a large amount of water
12.the mechanical breakup of rock caused by the expansion of freezing water in cracks and crevices
17.occurs when rocks or rock fragments fall freely through the air; common on steep slopes

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