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Prajay Patel

This is a crossword puzzle on holes

1 2   3  
5   6       7
11 12   13      

1.Zero and Stanley lived on _________ Onions.
6.The Wardens ancestors name is _________.
8.One of the characters name is _______________.
9.Stanley got this on his first few days of digging holes.
10.Hector was a __________ of the State.
12.It is something all children have except for Hector.
14.Elya Yelnats went to Madam ______________.
15.What did Stanley and Hector see when they looked at the mountains.
2.What did Barf Bag Step on.
3.Zero was sent to Camp Green Lake for stealing ___________.
4.If you get bitten by it, it doesn't really matter.
5.The Protagonist is the fourth generation.
7.How many boys at Camp Green Lake were fair excluding Stanley.
11.It is a form of measurement.
13.Who was the newest member at Camp Green Lake at the end of the book.

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