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Systems Of The Body

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1.Group of interacting or interdependant structures within the body that act together to perform specific functions. There are 10 in the body.
5.Is made up of the sexual organs, which allow humans to develop offspring.
6.Bony framework supporting the soft tissues and protecting th einternal organs of the body. It contains 206 bones that are connected by movable and immovable joints.
8.Is a series of connected organs, the purpose of which is to break down, or digest food.
9.Contains the heart and the blood vessels, and moves blood throughout the body.
10.Includes nerves, the spinal cord, and the brain. It regulates and coordinates all of the bodys activities.
2.Produces internal and external movement and provides posture and support to the skeletal system, There are more than 500 muscles.
3.Largest system in the body and is composed of the skin and the structures derived from the skin such as nails, hair, and various glands.
4.Consists of a group of duct and ductless glands that regulate bodily functions.
5.Consists of organs that process air ( Bringing in oxcygen and expelling carbon dioxide) in the body including the nose, throat, and lungs.
7.Consists of organs that eliminate waste from the body the kidneys exrete urine, skin eliminates perspiration, intestines remove undigested food, liver secretes bile, and lungs exhale carbon dioxide.

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