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Darren Duignan

1 2
3         4 5 6      
  7   8  
9 10                        
  12                       13
  16   17              
19     20              

3.Used for grip on the end of the cue
5.Colour of felt on snooker table
10.Winner of the 2012 Masters (2 Words)
12.Current Snooker World Champion (2 Words)
14.When your opponent blocks your next shot
17.Name of the snooker theatre in Sheffield
18.Rest used for cue to help with awkward shots
19.Stick used in snooker to hit ball
20.Used to make your cue longer
1.Country where Snooker World Championship is held
2.Colour of ball worth five points
4.147 is the maximum
6.Whose nickname is "The Rocket" (2 Words)
7.This ball is worth seven points
8.Youngest ever world champion in 1990 (2 Words)
9.First Snooker World Champion (2 Words)
11.Winner of tournament gets a cheque for this (2 Words)
13.Number of red snooker balls that fit in triangle
15.This is 6 feet by 12 feet
16.How many coloured balls are used (NOT including red or white)

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