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CCL Chap. One

Louis Barba

Legal excercise for keywords in chapter one of California Civil Litigation class @ EVC.

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7.Litigation paralegals often take the lead in pre-claim_________
8.Local courts adopt _____rules, in each jurisdiction for administration of litigation.
12.Litigation paralegals assist with identifying issues form ______
14.An individual or entity from whom relief is sought in a lawsuit.
15.Determination of the case on the merits at the trial level.
1._________ law is the legal principles of contracts, torts, and constitutional law that establish rights and obligations.
2.The process of resolving disputes within the framework of the judicial system.
3.The rules in individual trial courts are called local ____ rules.
4.The statutes and rules that govern the process of litigation, are called ______ procedure.
5.An individual or entity who initiates a lawsuit to obtain relief.
6.The process of investigating the facts of the case.
9.Communication and organization skills are invaluable in the ____
10.An individual or entity whose rights or obligations are in dispute.
11.Settlement conference with a third party.
13.Documents that define the issues in the case and the facts in dispute.

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