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Mining and Mineral Resources

Mr Hoffman

Use your work from this unit to complete the crossword puzzle. You can use the worksheet on hardrock mining terms to help you.

2 3  
5       6 7            
  8           9  
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15 16         17    
19         20        
  22 23

5.thr rock or ore removed in one blast
7.a hoist for men and materials and not for ore
8.airpowered scraper used to pull muck from the face back to the ore chute
11.the waste rock that has been through the mill and had the vaulable minerals removed
13.a vertical or inclined opening that starts on the surface and goes into the mine
15.waste rock that is mined at the same time as the ore
18.a shaft that begins underground and goes down from there
19.the zone of minerals
20.the elevation of the workings below the shaft
21.ore and waste rock that has been broken up by blasting
24.equipment that lowers and raises everything up and down the shaft
26.a vertical or inclined hole commonly used to provide ventilation
27.the structure sitting of the shaft that holds the pulleys and cables that raise and lower the skip
1.device that can convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide for breathing
2.a contract miner who makes "days pay" plus production bonus
3.cage or compartment that the miners ride in
4.air-powered drill used to drill holes for explosives or bolts
6.a horizontal tunner driven along a mineral vein
9.a verticla or inclines passwageway driven between levels
10.the clothes worn by miners underground
12.the area between two levels of the mine where mining occurs
14.the end of the drift where the miners work
16.a level, horizontal drift or passage from the surface into a mine
17.any mineral that can be mined for a profit
21.a locomotive used to transport ore over steel tracks in the mine
22.area where the skip unloads at each level of the mine; usually includes storage areas
23.a series of "checkerboard" openings that separate ore and rock that enters the ore bin by size
25.a cage operator who "bells" the hoistman to raise or lower the cage

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