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Goverment and economics

noah byrum

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1.a focus on producing a limited amount of specific products
8.a product or resource that comes into the country
9.a person who owes loyaltyto country and recives its protection
11.an economic system which production of goods is decided by a central goverment
12.a type of govermentin which a king or queen holds political power
13.an organization setup to make and enforce rules of society
14.a system for exchanging goods and services
15.the total value of all goods and services produced each year
2.something found in nature that is neccesary to human life
3.a type of goverment in which a small group of people holds power
4.a product or resource sold to another country
5.an economic system in which production of goods is decided by supply and demand customers
6.a way people use resources
7.an unprossesed natural resorce that will be converted to a finished product
10.a type of goverment in which an iduvidual holds complete political power

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