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CCL Chap. Two

Louis Barba

Legal excercise for keywords in chapter two of California Civil Litigation class @ EVC.

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1.Job description of litigation paralegals, also known as legal _________
3.The deposit of unearned funds with attorney operating funds is _________
6.If the attorney violates the Rules of Professional Conduct he will be __________
8.Fees shared by attorneys is fee _____.
9.Large law firms may employ a paralegal ________
10.Acronym for alternative dispute resolution.
12.Law and ______ , advocacy during the pendency of the litigation.
14.Rules of Professional Conduct govern attorney conduct as well as the __________ conduct.
15.In very large firms, paralegals coordinators may be supervised by paralegal _______.
2.Law of public agencies is _________ law.
4.Acronym for National Association of Legal Assistants.
5.Lawyer employees of law firms are also known as __________.
7.Unauthorized practice of law are legal services by __________
11.Acronym for National Federation of Paralegal Associations
13.At ______ , point of the litigation at which all pleadings have been answered.

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