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CCL Chap. 4

Louis Barba

Legal excercise for keywords in chapter two of California Civil Litigation class @ EVC.

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3.Authority of a court to render a judgment in a particular case is called ?
5.Cases involving over $25,000 value are _________ jurisdiction.
6.Action of the state supreme court eliminating the precedential value of, but retaining, the result.
8.Each ________ has three or more judges appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Commissions on Judicial Appointments.
9.A branch of the California federal courts.
10.Type of jurisdiction which refers to the court in which the case was first brought to trial.
12.After appointment, judges must be confirmed by the voters by nonpartisan statewide ballot for ______-year terms.
13.The inferior trial court is small _______ court.
14.Any court which has jurisdiction to handle the case is called a ?
15.Courts of ______ are courts that review decisions and judgments of trial courts.
1.Type of citizenship which means that all plaintiffs must live in states other than any state in which nay defendant resides.
2.Each appellate district has one or more divisions, depending upon the _________ and amount of judicial activity.
4.The ________ courts comprise two types of trial courts and one appellate court.
7.Term describing one of the geographical regions of the federal appellate court.
11.Cases involving less than $25,000 value are _________ jurisdiction.

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