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CCL Chap. Six

Louis Barba

Legal exercise for keywords in chapter six of California Civil Litigation @ EVC.

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1.To make a formal judgment or decision about a problem or disputed matter.
3.In ________ juridiction is jurisdiction over the person.
4.State where the defendant is located.
8.Due process requirement for nexus, or connection, between the state and a nonresident defendant is _______ contact.
9.State statute authorizing jurisdiction over noresident defendants is the ________ statute.
12.An out-of-state defendant may appear to oppose jurisdiction-- such an appearance is a _______ appearance.
13.Jurisdiction over property relating to the dispute, to enforce personal obligations is _____ in rem jurisdiction.
1.Order to take possession of property is a writ of __________.
2.The U. S. ___________ establishes the limits of the forum state's authority to ensure that due process requirements have been met.
4.Full _____ and credit, given to a state court judgment by another state court.
5.The state in which the action is brought --is the _____ state.
6.In ___ jurisdiction is the power over the "res" or thing.
7.The defendant also may consent to the jurisdiction of the court by making a _______ appearance.
10.Courts within the state having jurisdiction.
11.Consent, as in consenting to jurisdiction otherwise improper.

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