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Olivia Langer

1 2 3     4      
  5             6  
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3.In 1835, Mendelssohn was named the fifth conductor of an orchestra in this city
5.Sometimes considered a composer in this style
8.Mendelssohn's wife
9.City in which Mendelssohn spent most of his childhood
10.Mendelssohn helped introduce the work of this writer to the German public
12.Felix Mendelssohn's sister, said to be just as musically gifted as her brother
13.Mendelssohn's birthplace
1.German writer who influenced Mendelssohn's compositions
2.At the urging of his parents, Mendelssohn traveled for several of these between 1829 and 1835
4.Occupation of Mendelssohn's grandfather Moses
6.Mendelssohn was heavily influenced by composers of this musical style
7.Mendelssohn was born on the third of this month in 1809
11.Mendelssohn visited this country ten times
12.Number of kids he had

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