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Ch. 8 & 9 Key Terms

Klostermann - Law Class

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1.failing to perform an act required by criminal law
6.the prohibited act was done intentionally, knowingly, or willfully.
10.unlawful killing of someone without malice or premeditation, but is the result of a desire to inflict bodily harm.
11.the act of requesting or strongly urging someone to do something.
18.killing of a person when intentional but not premeditated, resulting from the heat of passion or the dimished mental capacity of the killer
19.the reason a person commits a crime
20.sexual assault by someone known to the victim.
24.someone who knowing a crime has been committed, helps to conceal the crime or the criminal
26.the killing of another person,
27.a person who commits a crime
28.intentional, unlawful physical contact inflicted on one person by another without consent
29.the conditions that make an act unlawful
30.a serious criminal offfense punishable by a prison sentence of more than one year
31.the failure to exercise a reasonable amount of care in either doing or not doing something, resuting in harm or injury of another person
32.an effort to commit a crime tha goes beyond mere preparation but does not result in the commission of a crime
2.ill will; deliberate intent to harm someone
3.the killing of someone during the commission of certain felonies; regardless of intent to kill
4.unintential killing of a person done during an unlawful act of a lesser nature.
5.unlawful sexual intercourse.
7.the unlawful killing of a person with planning in advance and done with malice
8.unwelcome sexual contact against another individual committed through the use of force, threat, or intimidation.
9.one who encourages, orders, or helps to plan a crime
11.the deliberate taking of one's own life
12.causing death through criminally negligent behavior.
13.the act of following or harassing another person, causing the fear of death or injury
14.a criminal offense less serious than a felony, punishable by a prison sentence of one year or less
15.intentional threat, show of force, or movement that causes a reasonable fear of another person
16.unlawful sexual intercourse by an adult with someone under the age of consent, even if the minor is willing.
17.legal responsibility for damage or injury even if you are not negligent
21.an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime along with a substantial act toward commiting the crime
22.another name for acquaintance rape
23.a person who voluntarily helps another person commit a crime
25.more than mere preparation to do something, it is at least the first step of actually attempting a crime

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