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MA Mod 2 Med Terms

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1.skin condition resulting from the destruction of the melanocytes due to unknown causes
3.scanty urination
7.surgical fixation of the bladder to the abdominal wall
8.itching, associated with most forms of dermatitis
9.a toxic condition resulting from renal failure in which kidney function is compromised
13.excessive urination during the night
16.partial or complete loss of hair, most commonly on the scalp
17.5 bones that forms the palf of the hand
19.presenc of stones in the kidney
21.hernia of the baldder through the vaginal wall
22.procedure to remove waste products from the blood of a patient whose kidneys no longer function
23.wearing away of articular cartliage within the joints
25.profuse sweating
27.inflammation of the bone
28.blood within a joint
32.ringworm, a fungal infection that can grow on the skin, hair, or nails
33.a cluster of connected furuncles
34.loss of bone density frequently associated with aging
36.abnormal development or growth of cells, tissues or organs
38.visual examination of the urinary bladder using a cystoscope
39.stone located within the urinary bladder
40.producing or containing pus
41.pain in a bone
42.inflammation of the bladder
43.excessive urination
44.absence of urine formation by the kidneys
2.highly contagious bacterial skin infection that commonly occurs in children
4.surgical fusion of two bones to stiffen a joint
5.any disease of the kidney
6.involuntary discharge of urine
10.5 mones that form part of the foot where the toes are attached
11.bleeding from the urethra
12.inflammation of the skin
14.abnormal softening of cartilage
15.inflammation of the urethra
18.death of bone tissue due to lack of sufficient blood supply
20.pertaining to the formation of blood cells
23.abnormal softening of bones in adults
24.inability to control the voiding of urine and excretion of feces
26.infestaton with lice
29.acute or chronic infection of the skin fold around a nail
30.benign superficial wart-like growth on the epithelial tissue or eslewhere in the body
31.Substitute for a deseased or missing body part
35.pinpoint hemorrhages that are less than 2mm in diameter
37.painful fat syndrome; characterized by the accumulation of fat and fluid found in tissue just under the skin

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