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1 2 3
4             5        
6                     7  
9   10              
11                 12
13           14                    
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21         22            

4.Constant shelling and bombing
6.Charlie and Tommo's nickname for their aunt
8.Small hand bombs
10.A knife attached to a rifle
11.Tommo's age when he talks to the French girl.
13.The French town where Tomo is telling the story
14.How Tommo describes the trenches (crumbled)
15.The British nickname for the Germans in WW1
16.Charlie and ....... are brothers
18.The teacher who was strict at school
20.Where Charlie is injured before he is sent home
21.The trenches were plagued with them
22.Slang word for England in WW1
23.The sergeant the men hated at training camp
1.The battlefield in between the trenches
2.Big Joe's favourite song
3.War time ditches
5.Charlie's wife and the girl Tommo is in love with
7.Officer in charge
9.The family dog who was shot by the colonel
11.A person who serves the army
12.The men suffered with this from having constantly wet feet
17.A soldier of one of the three lowest enlisted ranks
19.The gift given to Charlie from Wilkie

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