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Approaches To Learning

Group 11

This is designed to get students to learn and understand the Domain "Approaches To Learning" from the birth to 36 months of age in Child Development.

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6.Looking to parents, caregivers, or teachers when a ______ approaches.
10.Enjoys sand and _______ activities.
11.Grasping, _________, re-grasping, and re-releasing an object.
14.________ activities such as cooking and putting a pretend telephone to their ears.
16._________ a container with small objects, then dumping them out repeatedly.
20.Reacts to the sound of music with ____________.
22.Begining to explore the ___________ independently.
23.Eagerly seeking and taking pleasure in new _____, such as climbing stairs and clapping.
1.Enjoys playing the same ______ or read the same book.
2.Turning in the direction of the source of ______ voices and sounds.
3.___________ a toy or object and looking for it.
4.Insisting on choosing what to _____.
5.Exploring ______ relationships by attempting to fit their bodies in boxes or tunnels.
7.Asking _______ related to a story.
8.Kicking or _________ a mobile object to repeat a sound or motion.
9.Gazing attentively at talking parents, caregivers, and teachers when being ___ and changed.
12.Exploring the enviroment with purpose and ____________.
13.___________ their own hands, fingers, feet, and toes.
15.Lifting arms up while crying to be picked up and ___________.
16.Using _______ expressions to show exciment.
17.Acting out familiar life ________.
18.Uses objects together as _____ in using sticks and stool to reach a toy.
19.Spotting a cat and saying "___"
21.Insiting that their favorite ______ be read over and over

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