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What Is an Entrepreneurship?

Emerald Shelton

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2.A person who works in a business owned by someone else
4.Provide practical, on the job training in a business setting ;another word for internship
6.the ability to stay focused and follow a schedule to meet deadlines
9.an ability that's learned through training and practice
11.to think or act like an entrepreneur
13.being sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others
14.one way you can gain a sense of what business is like is by investigating an
15.most of us earn a living by working in this
1.the ability to adapt to new situations; a willingness to change
2.Someone who creates and runs a business
3.a natural ability to do a particular type of work or activity very well
5.the process of being an entrepreneur
7.evaluating your strenghts and weaknesses
8.one that adopts business practices aimed at protecting or improving the environment
10.the desire to learn and ask questions
12.is a way of viewing or thinking about something that affects how you feel about it

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