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Magnetism & Electromagnetism

Robin Guttinger

Review of Magnetism/Electromagnetism vocabulary

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1.If you decrease the number of coils in an electromagnet the magnetic field strength will _____.
3.Using the _____ right hand rule, your thumb will point in the direction of conventional current.
5.If you put to North ends of magnets near each other they will _____.
7.You will get ___ bar magnets if you cut one in half.
9.A ________ converts mechanical (kinetic) energy to electrical energy.
11.A transformer works due to the mutual induction created by a changing ____ field.
13.Inducing voltage by changing the magnetic field around a conductor is called electromagnetic _____.
15.In Step-______ Transformers - the voltage coming out of the transformer is smaller than the voltage put in the transformer.
17.In a fossil fuel power plant and a nuclear power plant, _____ turns the turbine.
19.The Electric Generator was invented by Michael ________.
2.An ________ consists of a battery, wire, and a nail.
4.In the ___ right hand rule, your thumb will point in the direction of the North pole.
6.If you put the North end of one magnet and the South end of another near each other they will _____.
8.The geographic north pole is the magnetic ___ pole.
10.A ________ converts electrical energy to mechanical (kinetic) energy.
12.Cobalt, Nickel, and ___ are the 3 magnetic elements.
13.If you increase the current in an electromagnet, the magnetic field strength will ____.
14.In Step-___ Transformers - the secondary voltage is larger than the primary voltage.
16.A magnetic ____ are regions of atoms that are magnetically aligned.
18.Transformers are used to increase or decrease ____ voltages.

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