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Hunger Games Chapter 11 and 12

Matt Towers

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2.Number of dead indicated by cannon (p.185).
4.Source of water near Cornucopia.
5.These could be poisonous. (p.201)
10.A giant golden horn.
11.When competitors group and fight together. (p.193)
13.Haymitch says "Find a source of ____"
15.In her flight, an animal K. is happy to see.
16.Weapon that kills the boy from District 9. (p.182)
18.Makes K. feel terrible (p.202)
1.Music played before death recap. (p.189)
3.What the group call Peeta- ____ Boy.
6.How K. feels after death recap (p.190)
7.How many seconds tributes stand on metal circles.
8.Why do the birds stop singing? (p.198)
9.Tree K. sleeps in first night.
12.Used for purifying water (p.207)
14.Make-do meal for Katniss. (p.187)
17.Why K. has to flee.

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