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Now, Take A Deep Breath

Larry Schaefer

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  7 8                    
  10         11                 12  
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2.The exchange of gases between the external environment and the blood in the alveoli is called _________________ respiration
4.The process where oxygen is used within each cell is called __________________ respiration
7.The process by which oxygen is inhaled in and carbion dioxide is exhaled
10.Tiny hairs located on the outside of certain cells; they help move mucus out of the respiratory system
11.The microscopic, single-cell-wide blood vessels through which oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged n the alveoli
13.The process of inhaling, or taking air into the respiratory system
14.The facial feature housing the openings into the nasal passage
15.The exchange of gases between the blood and the cells of the body is called _______________________ respiration
16.The muscle underneath the lungs responsible for inhalation and exhalation
19.The name for the superior (tip) end of each lung
20.Also called the throat; made of oro-, naso- and laryngo- sections
21.The chest cavity in which the lungs are located; the membrane lining this cavity; the fluid lubricating the lungs in this cavity
25.The "voice box"; it houses the vocal cords
26.The organs in which oxygen enters the circulatory system and carbon dioxide leaves
27.The muscle in the oral cavity which helps position food for chewing
1.The waste gas given off by all cells as a product of metabolism
3.The total of all processes taking place within the body's cells
5.The process of exhaling, or removing wastes coming from the respiratory system
6.The term describing the total amount of air a person is able to hold in his/her lungs at any one time
8.A flap of tissue that covers the opening of the larynx during swallowing to prevent food and liquid from entering the lungs
9.A major air duct leading from the trachea to the bronchioles
12.Tubes which connect the inner ear with the pharynx to help equalize air pressure
17.The microscopic sacs lined with capillaries and located at the ends of the bronchioles; where oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange occurs in the lungs
18.Sometimes called the windpipe
22.Three of these make up the right lung; two make up the left lung
23.The gas required for cellular respiration; this gas makes up about 20% of air
24.A mucus membrane-lined, bony cavity which warms, filters and humidifies air taken in through the nose

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