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The Cay Vocabulary

Ms. Amaral

Please complete the crossword puzzle using The Cay vocabulary found on your "Before & After Read" for each chapter.

1     2   3
4           5      
6 7                
11               12
13     14 15
16               17            

1.to put an end to
4.continuous humming sound
5.long pole or rod
6.a structure for collecting water
9.hip, buttocks and upper thigh
10.to weaken hope
11.a shipper of cargo and/or goods
16.to draw breath in sharply
17.flat bottom boat
18.a sailing vessel with two masts
19.blurry; foggy
20.West Indian folk song
2.to burn the surface
3.open rebellion
5.heavy material to stabalize ship
7.a very light white
8.violent, noisy movement
12.industrial plant for purifying crude substances
13.violent anger
14.the line where the sky meets land
15.shell of a mollusk

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