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How I Met Your Mother

Dan Thompson

A crossword puzzle about How I Met Your Mother. How well do you know the show? (Spaces between words removed)

1 2            
3   4  
        5 6
7           8               9    
10   11                  
12     13        
14         15                        
16       17    
18         19                       20                    
  21                         22      
25                   26    
27 28      
30                       31              
32   33       34 35    
  36     37              
  38 39                       40
41 42             43     44     45      
      47                       48  
49             50              
51         52           53            
55         56           57      
58           59        

2.Something Barney and Marshall take part in and later becomes a game by Mickey Aldrin. (2 Words)
7.Mystery woman
8.The New York Times Crossword uses this because of all the vowels. (2 Words)
11.The sexless _________
14.When you leave and miss out on the fun you become the ______
15.The city the show focuses on (3 Words)
18.Robin cheated on him with Barney
19.Barney's favourite strip club (2 Words)
20."A day in which we gather around and give slaps"
21.Barney has a life-sized ____________ in his apartment.
22.Barney's workplace.
24.Ted cheated on her with Robin.
25.Canadian teen pop-star. (2 Words)
30.Single by the band "The Foreskins" (2 Words)
31.A phrase used by Marshall whenever he disproves someone or wins and argument.
33.A way to "call" things.
35.Ted's alter ego in College (2 Words)
37.As stated on her resume, Lily can eat 33 _______ in 8 minutes.
39.Ted stole a blue ______ ____ for Robin. (2 Words)
41.A receptionist obsessed with Ted
43.A place that Ted hates (2 Words)
46.The one who lived in Ted's apartment before him was _______ Heller.
47.On Ted's hook.
49.Robin's boyfriend from Argentina.
50.Barney is forced to wear this theme on his tie after losing a bet
51.The pub.
53.A name that Barney hates.
55.Awkward with women, opens own brewery
56.Barney's brother.
57.Ted's rebellious love interest.
58.She left Ted at the altar
59.The _____ man
1."____ up!"
2.Lily's ex boyfriend.
3.The Slutty ______.
4.Barney cheated on her with Robin
5.Marshall's car
6.The group holds _____________ to fix things they don't like about each other.
9.Lesbian Robin, Stripper Lilly, Mustache Marshall, Mexican Wrestler Ted, Dr. Stangel
10.The name of Barney and Ted's bar.
12.Ted's step father
13.The grade that Lily teaches
16._____ the waitress.
17."Filthy meccah of spectacular if under cooked pizza"
23.______ vs. wrestlers
26.The word Barney always makes us wait in the middle of.
27.____ the bartender.
28.Barney's Bible. (3 Words)
29.Robin's coincided coanchor. (2 Words)
32.How I Met Your Mother's short form nickname.
34.Robin's Canadian bar (2 Words)
36.The building Ted demolishes.
38.Barney's stripper girlfriend.
40.Ted's old best friend.
42.Barney always updates his ____.
44.Marshall's coworker who has a crush on him
45.An item that replaces marijuana
48.The mother's umbrella is this color.
52.Limo driver (Taxi driver in pilot)
54.Ted's pretentious College girlfriend

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