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1       2         3 4
  6                         7      
13 14 15                
  19                     20    
    25 26                
28                 29                    

1.a tumbling mass of snow and ice that often occurs in mountainous regions.
6.a tall, puffy cloud associated with thinderstorms.
9.a line joining places with the same atmosperic pressure on a weather map.
10.a rotating column of water and spray caused by tornados on a mass of air
11.a tropical cyclone that occurs in the USA
12.gasses that build up in the atmospere at trap some sunlight from entering the atmospere.
15.faceing the wind
16.day to day variations in an area
17.a sudden and often violent dump of heavy rain or hail
19.the regions around the north or south pole
21.the force created by the earths rotation.
23.a graph that records the rainfall and average temperature of a place over a year
26.height above sea level
27.refers to a place in the USA where tornados are often
28.tropical storm in the indian or western pacific
29.the distance between the peaks
30.an area with weather features typical to the particular climate
2.the band of gasses that surround the earth
3.the imaginary line dividing the earth into two atmosoheres
4.an air borne balloon that uses rader tracking to gather infomation on winds and cloud and precipitation patterns
5.the distance north or south of the equater measuerd in degrees.
7.an area with low atmosperic system
8.an upward current of air
13.a severe thunderstorm with strong updrafts
14.describes the side of the mountain range on the oppitsit side to the faceing incoming moist air
18.rain, snow, sleet or hail
20.raised sea levels, churned up by storms or tropical cyclones which push water onto adjoining coatlines
22.a funnel shaped cloud of violent winds
24.the predicted weather at a particular place, based on weather events that occur of many years.
25.a raised bank built to keep out water floods

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