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Core Chemistry - Topics 5&6 (C1a)

Mr R Anderson

A crossword to help with revision of Edexcel 360 Chemistry C1a topics.

1 2 3         4      
7                 8
  9               10 11    

3.The addition of water to a substance.
5.Substance that will produce a squeaky-pop when tested with a lighted splint.
6.Substance that will cause a glowing splint to relight.
7.The trend in reactivity as you move down Group 1.
9.The addition of oxygen to a substance.
13.A type of reaction where one chemical is switched with another. E.g. halogens with solutions of other halides.
14.The name given to the elements of Group 1. E.g. Potassium. (2 Words)
15.The name given to the elements of Group 7. E.g. Chlorine.
1.The removal of oxygen from a substance.
2.The ending used when an anion includes oxygen with another element.
4.The name given to the central block of elements in the Periodic Table. E.g. Iron. (2 Words)
7.Another word for 'unreactive'.
8.Substance that will turn damp-blue litmus paper red and then bleach it white.
10.The name given to the elements of Group 0 (otherwise called Group 8). E.g. Argon. (2 Words)
11.The term used for a solid (insoluble) product formed from a reaction between solutions.
12.Substance that will turn damp-red litmus paper blue.
13.The trend in reactivity as you move down Group 7.

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