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Technology - A Basic Understanding


This crossword is designed to support your understanding of the assigned material (readings and PowerPoints) from Chapter's 1 and 3 plus in-class dicussions to this point in the Social Impact of Technology.

1 2
3                                 4  
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    9                     10            
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      18                             19          
        20 21      
    22                             23
  25                               26   27            
30                   31              
32                 33              

3.Initially 'borrowed' technological development from the bicycle, an example of a technological solution arrived at by one industry which was directly applicable to the problems of another industry
8.For a technology to make the transition from the potential to the actual requires not just that it exist; there must also be a desire for it, coupled with the ability to pay for it
9.A form of government in which science would be in control of all decision making. Scientists, engineers and technologists who have knowledge expertise or skills would compose the governing body, instead of politicians, businessmen and economists
10.The first human to be able to employ the implements of technology to 'multiply' crime
11.Can be created out of new technologies that were initially meant for 'good'
12.Widespread participation in the shaping of technology is essential to this type of political structure
14.People who make inventions into commercial successes by taking risks, moving into uncharted territory, and in general doing what hadn't been done before
15.Believed that social constructivism is most valid when a technology is at an early stage of development, that social, political, and eco¬nomic forces are likely to exert the greatest influence when several alternative technologies emerge at about the same time
16.A"coupling process" that occurs at the interfaces between science, technology, and the market"; "It is a continuous creative dialogue over a long period of research, experimental design, and development."
18.Has depended on thought processes that are relentlessly rational, objective, and logical, but at the same time has required an intuitive, interactive, and generally less structured approach
22.Is dependent on having some sense of some control over technology
25.Is continuously concerned with the identification and development of appropriate technological means for the achievement of particular ends
26."The idea that an invention reaches a stage of commercial profitability first and is then 'introduced' is, as a matter of fact, simple minded. It is during a (frequently protracted) shakedown period in its early introduction that it becomes obviously worthwhile to bother making the improvements."
29.Implies objectivity; coolness and detachment are part of the rational approach to understanding and changing the world
30.The branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science
31.An example of 'cumulative' technology which is the implementation of a series of small improvements
32.Widespread herorin addiction created a need for this to be developed by medical technology
33.Good example of how complementary changes are essential for the translation of an idea into a workable technology
1.It shapes us and at the same time is shaped by us
2.Fear that technology eliminates jobs so tries to destory it or rise up against the peoople that use or create it
4.Research and development, often slow, unspectacular improvements that lead to innovations over time
5.Advanced artistry and social relationships, but little technology
6.Strive to explain why certain technologies are assumed to work better than others, to explain how social structures and processes have affected choices of technologies
7.When entrepreneurs became so infatuated with their product innovation that they are incapable of realistically assessing opportunities and the nature of the market
13.technological advancements resulting from continuing efforts are at least as important as technologies that stem from fundamental breakthroughs
17.No technological or social problem is ever really solved; With one ‘solution’ comes another problem
19.An example of a technology's rapid growth that wasn't based soley on all of the inventions before it but also on an emerging sector of society (i.e. social elite) that created a demand for it
20.Results in the modification or destruction of established social roles, relationships and value
21.Neo-luddite who was known a domestic terrorist and the 'unibomber'
23.Brother inventors who transformed the world with their exploration of flight
24.The wide use of which resulted from research and development and massively impacted the health of the world
27.Tends to stand apart from the system that is being studied and manipulated, resulting in a kind of tunnel vision that all too often ignores the larger consequences of gaining and applying knowledge
28.Belief in these may represent an excessive confidence in technology combined with a general distrust of the people and organizations that control it in actual practice

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