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Mid-Term Middle Ages & Renaissance -Review Spring 2012

Prof. Hollenbeck

Review for Mus 112 - Spring 2012 Mid-Term

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1.During the Middle Ages, _______ were not permitted to sing in church
3.Much of the instrumental music composed during the Renaissance was intended for
6.a leading English composer of lute songs was
8.A virtual monopoly on learning during the Middle Ages was held by
9.Josquin Desprez was a contemporary of
14.gregorian chant consists of melody sung without
17.The form of the chant Alleluia: Vidimus stellam is
18.this was the most popular instrument in the Renaissance home
19.the lute accompaniment is subordinate to the
20.The Council of ______ attacked the church music of the Renaissance because it used secular tunes, noisy instruments, and theatrical singing
23.most medieval music was
26.The two forms of sacred renaissance music are the mass and the
27.The madrigal anthology The Triumphes of Oriana was written in honor of
28.the troubadour and trouveres wrote ______________ music.
30.This chant is monophonic in texture
31.What is the name of a medieval dance
33.During the Renaissance every ___________ person was expected to read musical notation, play a musical instrument, & be skilled in dance
2.this is a piece for several solo voices set to a short poem, usually about love
4.An outstanding composer of the ars nova was
5.church officials expected monks to sing with proper
7.1st important composers known by name, indicated time values and meter in music, and were the leaders of the school of Notre Dame
10.30. The earliest extant liturgical morality play, Ordo virtutum (Play of the Virtues), was composed by
11.One of the major characteristics of ars nova music is its use of
12.c. polyphonic choral work set to a sacred Latin text other than the ordinary of the mass
13.The church frowned on instruments because of their earlier role in _______ rites
15.the music the Medieval monks sang was called
16.the person that gregorian chant is named after
18.A versatile plucked string instrument with a body shaped like half a pear, popular during the Renaissance, was the
21.one of a number of women troubadours.
22.The texture of Renaissance music is chiefly
24.the basic scales of western music during the middle ages were called the
25.The French _________ songs of the Middle Ages usually dealt with the crusades, spinning, & love
29.the leading music center in sixteenth-century Europe was
32.The two types of services at which monks and nuns sang were theoffice and the _______.

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