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Geography Chapter 3

1 2 3 4
5                     6  
8   9                        
      12 13              
16   17 18 19     20        
22               23          

5.the land on the leeward side of hills or mountains that gets little rain from the descending dry air
7.a weather pattern created by the warming of the waters off the west coast of South America, which pushes warm water and heavy rains toward the Americas and produces drought conditions in Australia and Asia
9.falling water droplets in the form of rain, sleet, snow or hail
10.permanently frozen ground
12.a named characteristic of broadleaf trees, such as maple, oak, birch, and cottonwood
15.day and night are equal in length; beginning of spring and autumn
19.marks beginning of summer and winter; sun's rays shine directly overhead at noon at the furthest points N or S
21.a storm that forms over warm, tropical ocean waters
22.a long period without rain or with very minimal rainfall
23.the flat treeless lands forming a ring around the Arctic Ocean; climate region of the Arctic Ocean
1.a forest region located in the Tropical Zone with a heavy concentration of different species of broadleaf trees
2.the transfer of heat in the atmosphere by upward motion of the air
3.the term used for the temperare grassland region in the Northern Hemisphere
4.the layer of gasses released by the burning of coal and petroleum that traps solar energy, causing global temperatures to increase
6.another word for needleleaf tree (cone producing)
8.a tropical storm, like a hurricane, that occurs in the western Pacific
11.regional ecosystem
13.an interdependent community of pland and animals
14.a heavy snowstorm with winds of more than 35 mph and reduced visibility of less than one-quarter mile
16.a powerful funnel-shaped column of spiraling air
17.the typical weather conditions at a paricular location as observed over time
18.the condition of the atmosphere at a particular location and time
20.the term for flat, grassy, mostly treeless plains in the tropical grassland regions

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