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Cardiovascular medications


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2.A common example of a calcium channel blocker
7.Clopidogrel is an example of an ____________ agent
8.The primary action of ACE inhibitors that lowers BP
10.Low molecular weight heparin
12.This class of antihypertensives work by bloccking the movement of calcium through the cell membrane
14.A side effect common to ACE inhibitors
16.used to neutralise the effects of Heparin
17.Used to neutralise the effects of warfarin
18.The common suffix associated with ACE inhibitors
19.First line antihyperlipidaemic agents
22.A common side effect of anticoagulants
25.An ACE inhibitor
28.This group of drugs are subdivided into various classes depending on their effect on the heart's electrical conduction
30.This class of drugs inhibit the effects of adrenaline at beta adrenergic receptor sites
31.This type of drug affects the force of the hearts muscle contraction
32.This group of drugs dissolve clots
33.A medical condition where oxygen supply to the heart is insufficient
34.Warfarin does are adjusted according __________ blood levels, usually between 2 - 3
35.A side effect of non cardioselective betablockers particularly for patients with respiratory conditions
1.Heparin doses are adjusted according to _________ blood levels
3._________________ Converting Enzyme
4.This drug is an example of a non cardioselective betablocker
5.A cardioselective betablocker
6.Drugs that increase the force of heart's contraction
7.Warfarin is an example of this group of drugs
9.In low doses this drug is considered an antiplatelet more than an analgesic
11.This group of drugs assists in the relief and prevention of angina by dilating coronary and peripheral blood vessels
13.This type of betablocker is safe for use in people with respiratory conditions
15.The abbreviation for glyceryl trinitrate
20.This type of drug affect heart rate
21.An example of a thrombolytic agent
23.GTN is a ________ substance
24.A common cholesterol lowering medication (one of the statins)
26.This drug is a common example of a angiotensin receptor antagonist
27.This drug is an example of a cardiac glycoside
29.A _____________ inotrope decreases the force of myocardial contraction

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